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Elbrus Classical was established with the aim of bringing classical music to a much wider audience, in large part, by reinventing the existing business models employed by classical music production companies. We have shifted our attention from supply to demand, and from a focus on competing to a focus on value innovation, to unlock new demand. We are currently in the process of developing some crowdfunded projects and instituting a membership facility for those who wish to become patrons of the classical music arts, without the traditional high cost involved.

We are currently working on planning for two major anniversaries. In 2022 we celebrate the 150th birthday of Alexander Scriabin with concerts in Germany, and piano recitals in Ireland, the UK, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Romania. We are also pleased to be promoting a Scriabin Memorial International Piano Competition. Then in 2025 we have a week-long festival marking the 50th anniversary of the death of Dmitry Shostakovich. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with our events.
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Our principal activity and one of our greatest pleasures is in promoting classical concerts and recitals across Europe. We are particularly driven by the desire to find new audiences for the artists we promote, and by a commitment to make classical music more readily accessible.

New tours division

We are particularly excited to be launching a touring division in mid-2019. It will present our patrons with a wonderful opportunity to visit the great concert halls and opera houses of Europe. Our inaugural tour will be to Moscow and will include the Bolshoi Theatre.

Our CD production division records in facilities in the Czech Republic, Poland, and Russia, although we also produce recordings of our live performances. Our sister company has responsibility for DVD production of our live performances and documentaries.


Parent Company

Elbrus Classical is wholly owned by
Baikal Developments Ltd.
Registered in Ireland No. 623069
Elbrus TV has branch offices in the UK,
Germany, and Romania
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