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It is our principal activity
We derive no greater pleasure than promotion emerging musical talent through recitals as well as orchestral concerts. Over the last year we have quietly been liaising with soloists, choirs, conductors, orchestras, and venues, to plan future events. It is on this page that events will be promoted as well as on our twitter feed.

We invite soloists, both instrumental and operatic, ensembles, choirs, and orchestras to contact us regarding future collaboration.  Our concert promotion activities are exclusively within the continent of Europe.

We restrict our activities to the promotion of classical events such as recitals, concertos, liturgical music, chamber music, and symphonic works, and therefore we apologise to aficionados of other musical genres.

Parent Company

Elbrus Classical is wholly owned by
Baikal Developments Ltd.
Registered in Ireland No. 623069
Elbrus TV has branch offices in the UK,
Germany, and Romania
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